Grace of God


I am the Grace of God
A spark spewed forth from the core of creation
That I am
From the cosmic heart at the center of All
From that mystic molten Bindi that lies within us all
I took on this incarnation
In this moment of infinite now.
The elusive threshold of “becoming” called me forth
And now I sit present with the breath of life,
The breath of Spirit that flows through me with such grace
I cannot step back
I cannot hold back
I cannot withold the impulse to create what is birthed with each breath of mine
Lest I die.
I am the Grace of God
Despite the limitations I’ve conditioned upon my senses
They persevere VICTORIOUSLY
As the greening of my Truth becomes apparent with each creation
Taking shape before my very eyes
Celestial sounds resound deeply within, awakening the Song of my Soul
I cannot keep from singing.
The raging river of unmanifest seeking form flows through me
Sometimes gentle, sometimes threatening to drown me
Lest I surrender to its current
How can I keep from painting?
I am the Grace of God
A miracle of existence; an ember of spirit embodied in this human form
I am victorious in who I am
I am the Grace of God
In this Infinite Now


Jeanne the Maid

DSC02124Sweet Jeanne of Arc…..innocent maiden warrior….

How you’ve stirred things up for me

When I first heard you were the month’s Muse I was thrilled.

Yes!  The Warrior! Not just any warrior, but a female, divinely inspired warrior firmly rooted in her unwavering belief in God and Kingdom to the point of martyrdom in the flames of ignorance, greed and injustice.

After all this was one archetype I thought I could understand.   Deeply understand.   For I’ve  been a warrior for lifetimes before this one.  I abhor violence.  I despise it with all my heart, yet I know how one can be pushed towards it beyond lines drawn in the sands of reason.

Oh how I yearned to paint you and your story.  How I longed to get under your skin and feel the weight of destiny over fate.  How I longed to witness the precise moment when you realized what it would take.  What the fickle gods of time and space would demand of you.

Did you quiver with doubt?  Did your knees buckle at what lie ahead for you?  Did you really walk unwaveringly to the pyre without a shred of fear and doubt?  Did you understand what your tortured death might do to our collective psyche?

Your name stands out like a beacon.  From the lowliest to the mightiest, all know your name.  Who now remembers the priests, bishops, and executioners who sealed your fate?  Who now remembers the causes, treaties, battles and towns?  Yes, history might have recorded every utterance at your trial with minute detail.  Yes, history might have written scrolls upon scrolls of justifiable reasons for your untimely demise.   Yet, who now even remembers the Dauphin whom you sacrificed your life for as more than a dusty footnote in history?

YOUR name is remembered at a cellular level, at an atomic level of consciousness.  How we all cringed then and now at that directly obscene attack on innocence and maidenhood….. at virginity and all that is divinely inspired.

Sweet Maid….

How you’ve stirred things up for me.

I don’t fight battles with swords and axes this time around.  I don’t carry a standard calling those around me to follow and die for a heavenly righteous cause.  I don’t stand up to oppressors hell-bent on destroying what I represent.  I can’t even claim to hear divine voices urging me on to make a stand.

So, WHAT am I willing to stand for?   What am I really willing to risk for my convictions?  Would I die for my truth?  Would I willingly walk up to the pyre of ignorance with strength, courage and determination?

Sweet Jeanne…. You’ve stirred me.  You’ve inspired me.  You’ve scared me.  You’ve provoked me.

Soul Fire Slideshow

My artist teacher and mentor Shiloh Sophia McCloud was in New York, on March 4th, and did a presentation in the United Nations about how art heals the world, especially in dealing with the violence against women.  She put together a stunningly beautiful slideshow of all her students’ art, including mine, with images of the Divine Feminine that reinforces the beauty, depth and power of WOMAN.  WoHOOOOOOO!    Please check it out.  I am so honored and humbled to be included.  
The Soul Fire Collection from Color of Woman –You Tube
Blessings, light and love

Guru Kirn Kaur
Here  is the press release for that United Nationas talk and show today!  I’m SO excited!!!!!
An Art Collection of 42 Transformational Artists Shown Today at the United Nations
THE UNITED NATIONS PLAZA, New York – March 4, 2013
Today in New York the paintings of 42 women artists will be shown at the United Nations. This series is called The Soul Fire Collection and features 126 images in acrylic painted by women around the world. The Founder of the Color of Woman School, Shiloh Sophia McCloud is a part of the panel Women and Violence: Human Rights Activism Through Arts and Film sponsored by the Women’s United Nations Network (WUNRN) and the Women’s News Network (WNN).
“This series is a testament that healing and transformation are possible through intentional creativity,” says McCloud. Just 2 years ago none of these paintings existed. Eight out of 10 of the women did not even identify as artists. And look what they have created. These paintings were made with the Color of Woman method based on intentional creativity and intuitive painting in which the artist looks within for images and draws her inspiration right from the heart. These images are not only a healing journey, but the painting itself becomes an icon of what’s possible for her life and for her own self-image.
To see The Soul Fire Collection yourself, visit
The theme for the show is soul fire, which is a metaphor of the process of waking up to one’s life and one’s calling. The Color of Woman School asserts that to risk being self expressed is to risk being fully alive. McCloud says, “There is much work that needs to be done to end the violence, and while we are doing that it is absolutely essential for us to provide tools for healing that really work – that put the tools directly into the hands of the woman herself.”
McCloud started teaching this style of visionary painting called the Color of Woman Method in 2004, and is scheduled to speak at the 57th UN CSW today at 4:30pm EST at the United Nations. She will speak on the healing power of creative acts, and particularly painting, on the lives of women and how this kind of work can be employed for women post trauma to bring healing into their lives.
“Many of us have spent our lives trying to hide who we are and silencing our voices and images in order to be safe. But safety is an illusion when we cut ourselves off from who we are. The heart of this work is about learning how to navigate our internal guidance system. We are such complex beings and not many of us know how to truly think. For example, to think a thought we haven’t thought before. Or to make choices that are not based on past wounding, but instead are based in our inner promptings, our soul longings. Through intentional creativity, with practice, anyone can learn how to listen and act from an authentic, core place within themselves, and art is the way to make that happen. In the Color of Woman Method we employ techniques like Jung’s Active Imagination, as well as intuition, intention and communication with our internal self, our Muse. When we begin to express ourselves through creativity, a natural progression of healing becomes possible,” says McCloud.
McCloud has worked in the arts for close to 20 years, starting her career as a professional artist at the age of 23. She has represented hundreds of women through her Northern California galleries. McCloud asserts, “It is shows likeThe Soul Fire Collection that will help us continue to move across the borders and boundaries, through our common language of image.”
There is also something unique about this show, beyond how inspirational the images are. These women included in the collection did not just study to become artists at the Color of Woman School, each one trained to teach the method, and is leading her own workshops online and in person across the globe. With the current potential of online education, the reach of these teachings is enormous and expanding.
Says McCloud, “There is an uprising of creative beings happening around the world now and we are a part of gathering them together. We confirm what people already know – there is relief from suffering through creative acts. This kind of work is a witness to the power of beauty and story as an antidote to negative self images and the suffering caused in our lives when we don’t believe in ourselves and who we are.”
This showing is the core part of McCloud’s presentation at the United Nations. She was invited to speak by WUNRN – The Women’s United Nations Network. The UN Commission on the Status of Women conference can be traced back in 1945. Today, the Commission has been asked by the UN General Assembly to develop its role in mainstreaming a gender perspective in United Nations activities, among other initiatives. In addition to invited delegates, the conference is expected to draw over 4,000 women from diverse global regions. These women and the general public are invited to hear the delegates – including Shiloh McCloud – and other speakers who will be part of the event sponsored by the Women News Network (WNN) and the Women’s United Nations Report Network (WUNRN).
Shiloh McCloud is a visionary artist and poet. Her gallery, Shiloh Sophia Gallery, is located in Northern California. Through her work with Cosmic Cowgirls University, Color of Woman School and now the Red Thread Nation, the education they offer serves over 300 women per month in online and in-person courses, and reaches upwards of 15,000 viewers worldwide on a monthly basis. McCloud has published seven books, teaches at Sofia University and can be found most mornings in her studio, painting her prayers.
The Soul Fire Collection is dedicated to lighting the soul fires of human beings.
To see the Collection yourself, visit

Interesting Image
The Soul Fire Collection from Color of Woman –You Tube
YouTube – Videos from this email


The above picture is of my first art class ever! 8 people came. Whew! Talk about knees-knocking. Thus the quote below……

“Are you paralyzed with fear? That’s a good sign. Fear is good. Like self-doubt, fear is an indicator. Fear tells us what we have to do. Remember our rule of thumb: The more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it.

Resistance is experienced as fear; the degree of fear equates the strength of Resistance. Therefore, the more fear we feel about a specific enterprise, the more certain we can be that that enterprise is important to us and to the growth of our soul.”
The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield

Love Alchemy


I would rather be ashes than dust!
I would rather that my spark should burn out
in a brilliant blaze than it should be
stifled by dry-rot

I would rather be a superb meteor,
every atom of me in a magnificent glow,
than a sleepy and permanent planet.

The function of (wo)men is to LIVE,
not to exist.

I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them.
I shall use my time.

Jack London

Titi’s Treasure Trove

Today it’s called Bling- loud, flashy, pretentious, fake
A statement of pseudo-glamour.
For mi abuelita Titi, her jewels were a statement that defined who she was,
Helping her remain connected to a long-gone era of status, position, elegance and class
The Mexican revolution took all that away from her,
Undaunted by hardship, she remained poised and elegant to the end of her days,
Despite having lost it all.
To my childhood eyes, she was the embodiment of Romance and Adventure….. a jungle Queen glittering with purple and green bangles,
Red necklaces and sparkling earrings
Pearls would sometimes adorn her throat
Her fingers would have been bedecked with rings I’m sure
Had they not been painfully distorted and twisted by acute arthritis

Sipping her Plantian Banana Soup I used to dream about my grandmother’s trinkets
Sometimes she would sit on her bed and show me her collection
And what a collection it was—ruby reds, amethyst purples, esmerald greens, garnet magentas, turquoise blues……
Crystal and colorful plastic beads in every hue… bold mexican silver designs,
seed neclaces bulging from her trove
“Someday these will be yours”, she would say
and my hopelessly inner romantic would light up.
Gobbling down her succulent “Ropa Sucia”, remnants of her Chiapas life,
I would sit entranced by stories of her Cacao hacienda, the hungry tropical forests teeming with jaguars and hidden ancient Maya ruins, the lost waterfalls and the gurgling black ponds where she would fill up her kerosene lamps….. all these would transport me to another time, long vanished.
Stories about the young, dashing Hugo-
from the neighboring town, who would singlehandedly take on the mighty
mosquito-infested humid jungle to come see Lilita of Pichucalco on Saturday evenings for a stroll around the Plaza- captivated me.
Stories of how her father had a piano shipped from Paris across dangerous oceans, down wide rivers teeming with flesh-hungry piranhas (well, that’s what I imagened at least), through moist, steaming impassable jungles….all these fired my imagination.
And made my eyes as big as her gigantic silver hoops dangling from her tiny ears.
Titi’s treasure trove had more than bling. It was brimming with adventures; it was jammed with stories oozing between the garnets and the turqouise.
After school, we would rush up the stairs to visit Titi, and she would be sitting elegantly on her chaise lounge impecabbly dresed and bejeweled
as if expecting company any minute.
Never knew what happened to Titi’s trinkets, but her treasure trove of stories planted seeds that even today sprout full of color and life.